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While on a business trip to Nebraska in January of 2009, the outside temperature highs were below zero, and I noticed that all of the homes/businesses that I visited were comfortable. When quizzing my friends about their utility bills, I realized that theirs were much lower than mine.  That particular summer in Texas we had 60 days that reached over 100 degrees. Realizing that Texas' August was like the northern states January, I needed to get serious about insulating my home. 

I got passionate about energy saving solutions! America energy conservation creates independence from foreign oil supplying nations that hate the USA. I also realized that conservation puts more money in my pockets motivating me even more to find solutions. Being a "do-it-yourself-er", I researched effective insulation techniques and put together a plan. Started work on my house by putting in ridge vents, radiant barrier on the rafters, R-50 rated insulation for the attic, caulked cracks and replaced weather seals around doors. After feeling great about getting everything sealed and insulated I was exiting my attic via my fold down stairs and noticed a small draft of warm air coming from around the attic stair door after shutting it. 

My pull down attic stair was like most peoples. The hinge was stretched out causing the door to close but left a 1/4" gap.  It has a 1/8" thick piece of plywood with the stair mounted on it but had no insulation. The attic stair access is located in the hallway next to my HVAC return air vent thus sucking unconditioned air from the attic into my house! I tried numerous products that are available on today's market and decided that there has to be a better way of getting an attic cover to attach permanently to the staircase while providing a good R-Factor value. Well, I took all of my research, knowledge of what products DIDN'T work and developed the Draft-Out Attic Stair Cover. I have sold thousands to VERY satisfied homeowners/customers. The Draft-Out Attic Stair Cover is EASY to install, stops air leaks associated with attic stairs while giving you up to an R-50 insulated value. We make all sizes. Proudly made in the USA.  Start saving more money today and order your energy saving solution Draft-Out Attic Stair Cover!  

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